Maanne Ilagan Lopez

On PDI’s Dec. 26, 2008 editorials

Lopez, Maanne I.

Editorial and Opinion Writing

January 8, 2008

The December 26 editorials of the Philippine Daily Inquirer had a catchy title and a nice introduction; it caught my attention yet it didn’t persuade me enough. “Fighting the real enemy” and “What comes next,” interesting right? But everyone knows the fact that all experience such situations. Not only the soldiers, but everybody can serve better if they get what they deserve. I know an editorial must be specific, but I just think the writer indicated that the soldiers are only a portion of a number of Filipinos who don’t get what they deserve. There is a problem in the government leadership; and its main root, GREED for wealth and power. How can one get what he deserves if there are persons impeding? The greediness of government officials is the reason why there is a misdistribution of power and wealth. The soldiers, they are risking their lives for low salaries, insufficient benefits and antique weaponry. If this would be the situation, it’s like being a soldier is a suicide. Yes, it’s love for the country, but soldiers also have families who depend on them. Haay… It’s a domino effect. How much more could the other government sectors and their constituents suffer with the existence of corrupt officials?

“What comes next”? “There will be no hope for this country if its best minds continue to be sent abroad.” Sent? Who sent them? I think it should be rephrased to “There is no hope in this country that’s why its best minds continue to take their chance abroad”. Who wants to leave his own country for no reason at all? The best minds leave, because they know what’s best for them; they know that nothing will happen to them if they’ll stay here. They aren’t recognized here, but they are abroad, so why stay?

“We have met the enemy, and they are us.” The problem rooted with the inner conflicts had now infested the whole country. The enemies of the Philippines are the Filipinos, from the government down to its constituents. If the enemy can’t be faced, some have only two choices left, whether to leave the country or to go with the flow; but some remain faithful to the country, like the soldiers, despite their sufferings.


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