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A Student’s Concern

October 22, 2009

Blue and Silver August-September 2008 A Student’s Concern There are things beyond us, would you agree? Going beyond is risky, but sometimes you just have to have the guts to step up. It’s October, but it seems like it’s going to take a long, sleepless weeks before the semester is over. I am currently having […]

Speak up

October 22, 2009

Blue and Silver January-February 2009 Speak up This may be my last column for the Blue and Silver, but definitely not the last time that I will speak up. This publication had taught me to voice out myself out and to “speak up for those who cannot speak and protect the rights of those who […]


October 18, 2009

The Blue and Silver, February-March 2008 (Opinion) Paper Talk by Maanne Lopez Preamble The University Student Government Constitution and by-laws serve as the guiding light of officers to provide the students and the University with worthwhile activities, projects and programs and Article 7, Section 10 duly states the sense of duty to uphold USG-PCU Constitution. […]

Passion for Education

October 18, 2009

Blue and Silver June-July 2008 Papertalk Passion for Education It’s forgivable for a baby to wail when he’s starving, but not for a grown up. Who would bother? He’s old enough to find something that will satisfy his grumbling tummy. I say almost the same logic applies to some of my fellow youth. Everyone has […]

Think PCU

October 18, 2009

Papertalk November-December 2008 Think PCU Some may have noticed; some may have questioned; but only a few are well informed about the real situation of the University. Some had asked me if President Oscar Suarez had been replaced since his presence was not felt for a while. Before I refused to answer, but now my […]