Maanne Ilagan Lopez

The Author

Maanne Ilagan Lopez is a degree holder of BS Mass Communications major in Broadcasting and Print Media at Philippine Christian University Manila. As a fresh graduate, Maanne is on her way to exploring which career path to take since college had opened a variety of challenging courses. One thing’s for sure, she will put her heart in her chosen path.

So what made Maanne a work in progress?

Maanne is a work in progress because she knows she can grow better and God is working on her.

Who is Maanne as a writer?

How it all started. During her high school years, Maanne was appointed to be the editor in chief of a group news letter project. That’s when she discovered that she likes to write. And so it began…

In college. Maanne had been active in her academic and extra curricular activities in high school so in search of a sense of belonging, driven with her inexplicable hunger to write, she decided to take the qualifying examination for the university publication and she passed!

BnS years. The Blue and Silver is the official student publication of Philippine Christian University, and also is the milestone of Maanne as a writer. From a curious student looking for extra curricular activities, she became a senior correspondent, a news editor and editor in chief. Although her career started off as a pastime, in her journey she realized that everything that had happened has a reason. There is a reason why she was forced to study at PCU, to take a degree she doesn’t even like and to join the publication out of curiosity. And that reason was for her to discover that this is what she is called to do. To write. To serve.

Concept and reality. And so she turned out to be a workaholic student and journalist used to being criticized by school administrators, used to stress. But of all these, the most striking moment happened during her journalism internship. While in a press conference for a beat coverage, she witnessed, or rather encountered, bribery among the press – envelope journalism – a class concept turned reality. As an aspiring journalist looking up to supposed professionals she was extremely disheartened of the inescapable situation. Tried to refuse the money, but was forced to take it. Equipped with the principles taught in class, Maanne decided to donate the money, thus saving her credibility. For consolation, forced to convince herself, that not every journalist would break their principles and promised herself not to be one of them.

Now. She writes not just for passion. She writes not just to serve. She writes because it’s her choice. She wants to make a change. She wants progress. From being a student journalist, she wants to further develop her skills and use it for a better world. And with a work in progress, there will always be hope.


2 Responses to “The Author”

  1. Disheartening when your heroes fall.


    • Ongoing investigation on that. News initially made it appear like only those fallen heroes went to battle, when more than 5 times the number of warriors who died were sent for the mission. Still, there’s no point for war. In the end, all fallen came from the same race.


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