Maanne Ilagan Lopez

Speak up

Blue and Silver January-February 2009

Speak up

This may be my last column for the Blue and Silver, but definitely not the last time that I will speak up. This publication had taught me to voice out myself out and to “speak up for those who cannot speak and protect the rights of those who are poor helpless and needy” (Proverbs 31:9). We, student journalists, speak for the truth and for the students as the official student publication of the Philippine Christian University. Those who are saying that we are not doing our job should better think. You wouldn’t have read the previous issues up to the one you’re holding right now if we are not doing job. Only the students can say if we are worth their supposedly P75 being paid in their miscellaneous fees (reduced by P5 which goes to the University fund for office supplies, thus making it P70 or less). But as far as I know, we are doing our very best to serve the University through this publication. Our job as watchdogs is to look over the administration, to inform the public and to serve as bridge between the two – which, I believe, that the Blue and Silver is doing well enough. If there are persons who get offended, that is not our intention. Professors say that it is better to be corrected inside the classroom. The same thing applies in this University: it is better to be corrected by someone inside this vicinity than by other institutions. The duty we have as student journalists is to expose the truth and it is the responsibility of the persons in authority to act upon the matter. Now, the question is, are you doing your job? You might consider looking at yourself and your surroundings before speaking.

Academic Year 2009-2010 is fast approaching and as a senior who had spent four fruitful years of my life in PCU, I hope that the administration, the University Student Government and student organization officials will be worth their designations. Besides, you are appointed and elected to perform your duty to serve the PCU community, right? Who wants to have an official who just sits in his office and blame somebody else for his shortcomings? The person who does such thing should be removed from office. What the University needs are solutions to the problems it is facing, not another problem.

Speak up. It is everybody’s right to freedom of speech and of expression. We may not please everybody, but opinions should be respected. Still, our views matter because we are a part of this community, and therefore we should perform our roles. If you want to inquire on something; if you have noticed something wrong that should be acted upon; if you agree or disagree – SPEAK UP! If you cannot, the Blue and Silver will speak I behalf of the studentry. But this would not be possible without your cooperation. We don’t just sit down in front of our computers and type the articles; we don’t just stay late in the office for nothing; we interview persons around the University. We study at daytime, and we still have paper works to finish for the publication after class hours. What we ask of you is to allow us to do our job. We need to exhaust the different sides of the news, so allow us to get yours.


Speaking of speaking up, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude. To my friends who made me laugh despite my anti-social attitude. To those whom I don’t even talk to before but then turned out to be good friends. Thanks you for the memories since our freshman year: the cheering competitions, the embarrassing moments, class productiond for TV, radio and theater, our chitchats, and many more.

I really treasure our moments of laughter, though I often seemed numb. I will miss you bax! Congratulations to us seniors! To the Samaskom pipz, truly we are “Creative by Birth, Mass Com by Choice.” Always remember that Samaskom is not about the skills alone, but also about passion and professionalism driven towards a common goal. And everything that we are doing should be centered on God Almighty. I hope you keep this formula in your hearts. That’s the key to making Samaskom the best student organization in PCU, which I believe, we have what it takes to be one.

Thank you of course to my soon Alma Mater, the Philippine Christian University, for being my second home in college. I’m proud to be a Dolphin. The character that this University instills to its students is its strength and that’s what will keep its alumni going in the tougher world outside the four walls of our Taft-based campus. To my professors in the Mass Communication Department, thank you for your perseverance, dedication and determination to provide us with quality education despite being understaffed. I know you have seen the potentials of the younger batch and I know that you can bring the best out of the like what you did to me. I was not born a communicator, but our projects and discussions challenged me and helped me develop into who I am right now. Thank you sir and ma’am, for making me love this degree program which I never though I would.

All of these would not be possible, of course, without y biological family. Thank you for the support and trust that you have given me to maximize my college life. My apology if I won’t be able to bring home the academic excellence you all expected me to have (when I was forced to study at PCU; it’s as if  I was destined to study here), although I know I could have made it. I have realized that resumés are but for impressions, what’s important is how you work in the actual. In that case, I am well trained; thanks to my second family, the Blue and Silver. From my mentors up to the new recruits, I will never forget the meetings, paper works, debates, press works, videos, staff dev and many more.

The memories I have kept in my heart cannot be counted and the friendship and the love I have for BnS will never cease. I love you guys and you know that!

For the talent, skills, guidance, wisdom, strength, understanding, and for the blessings that You are continuously giving me, thank You God for everything. I am blessed.


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