Maanne Ilagan Lopez

Chasing a Fling

Blue and Silver December-January 2008

Chasing a Fling

Love sucks. It will either end you up with a broken heart or breaking someone’s heart. While Marian Piñera’s “A Fling to Remember” justifies that having a man/woman in life isn’t so bad. The author divulges that having an affair is the key if your want someone to spend quality time with; someone to help you rediscover life; someone who’ll be your best friend, your lover, but not a partner – a FLING – no commitments, no relationships, NO LOVE.

A fling seems ideal if you dislike a knotty relationship, but it’s almost unfeasible at present time. It’s ridiculous that Piñera managed to coin a perfect fling affair in her 10-chaptered comic novel, but reading it is nonetheless amusing. The book tells a story of an almost opposite arrogant couple, both at ease with the absence of life in their life, who finds themselves as perfect fling mates in an uncomplicated affair. Patrick just can’t fall in love…especially to someone not his type. Love just doesn’t figure in his vocabulary. Mairi can’t fall in love either because men are jerks! She simply can’t fall for him – a player, a womanizer, and worst: he’s not smart. Will their fling thing last for good? Or will their conflicting personalities finish them off to a total disaster?

A book is said to be good if it can deeply hook one’s interest that its reader simply cannot put it down. What struck me most was the way how the author wrote the story as catchy as the title given to it that had caused me to hub on it for two hours straight. This 129-page work of fiction is another PSICOM collectible which presents a gorgeous movie star (Patrick) is search for someone who can like him for himself and not for who he is; and Ms Smartass Princess (Mairi) who’s in the process of moving on from her traumatic super public breakup with her two-minute-old boyfriend. Witness how this weird woman and her public enemy number one set an eye for an eye in a never ending war of fun, excitement, lust and love.

Not intending to spoil interest, but the ending of the story is quite a cliché. The finale is a humdrum of happy ending (with a little twist); but to think the reality is that Filipinos love happily ever afters, right? What’s strange with A Fling to Remember is that it makes you genuinely happy if not in love. Love is not to be taken seriously with the work of Piñera, but love here is something that will make you happy and satisfied.

Piñera discusses ways on how to get what a couple wants with a five-rule-no-promise fling agreement. A Fling to Remember is about rediscovering life after suffering from ennui and a grave heart brake. The book presents complicated situations that fling-mates may eventually bump into when love suddenly changes everything.

Aside from enjoying the fling mania presented in the book, the author also realizes the subtle dilemmas experienced by men and women which can hurdle them in falling in love. A man happens to be a player if he hasn’t met someone whom he can love enough to be selfless. Women, on the other hand, possess a Lego-like reputation that is difficult to build but easy to destroy.

This book is not merely about the story concept, but the vicarious fling adventure one can experience while reading. A Fling to Remember might just give you perfect companion of not the right person you’re waiting for. It’s not posh and may not be alluring to bookworms, but it’s thrilling for hobbyist and hey, it only costs 85 pesos. I would have no hesitation in recommending this book.

– Maanne Lopez


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