Maanne Ilagan Lopez

A Student’s Concern

Blue and Silver August-September 2008

A Student’s Concern

There are things beyond us, would you agree? Going beyond is risky, but sometimes you just have to have the guts to step up. It’s October, but it seems like it’s going to take a long, sleepless weeks before the semester is over. I am currently having my practicum at The Daily Tribune. I also have my thesis and other major subjects. Most of the time I feel exhausted, but since I have much to accomplish, I go beyond my limitations. I may be abusing my body, but I have to do this. I’ll just draw in all the energy after I settle my duties. Additional to my hectic schedule is the rollercoaster academic life at the Department of English and Mass Communications (DEMC). We experienced changes in professor twice which have a big impact to our studies. Not because the professors who substituted are incompetent, but because a change in professor greatly affects the education stream of the students. A change in professor means adjusting to another teaching style and standards. And it takes time. I guess the other colleges also experience problems similar to that of the DEMC. We lack professors, and the only way to be able to give the students the education which they paid for is to distribute numerous Mass Communications subjects to a very few professors. And overloading them with more than the allowed units will affect their teaching performance. We only have one full time professor and three part-timers. How can these four teach a population of students numbering to about 150, with double and single majors? A professor had load limitations and going beyond that would make them ineffective.

Yes, it’s a big sacrifice that our faculty professors are making. However the undermanned department should be addressed immediately.

Sanitation insanity


Our avid readers might have noticed that in the August-September 2007 issue of the Blue and Silver, the banner story is about a cockroach incident at Giddy’s Refreshment. It’s a recurring issue that is not only a problem of the canteen, but of the whole PCU. We let the students speak their minds in our student inbox, and there were those who answered that there are roaches all over PCU, not only at Giddy’s. I agree. The presence of cockroaches and other pests like rodents and flies indicate that there is a sanitation problem in the University. I can barely go to the comfort room feeling comfortable. The garbage bins are full; the flush of toilet bowls are not working; and there are footprints all over the floor. Ironically, there are several instances when I would go to the rest room ad the “cleaning time” signage, only to find out that it’s not cleansed at all afterwards. As in nothing much happened, it’s still almost as dirty as before the cleaning time. The rest room in the third floor of the Academic Building undergoes renovation. I don’t know if you noticed that before the pipes were installed in the ceiling, chunks of cement were hanging from the ceiling. Luck it didn’t fall on anyone. The Academic Building is where most of the classes of the University are located. The maintenance should double their effort in maintaining the rest rooms clean since the other is not available. Else, where will the students go to when they really need to use the toilet?

Inasmuch as it is essential the cleanliness of the food being served to the students, maintaining the cleanliness of the entire University is also necessary.

After the recurring roach incident, Dr. Imelda Belmonte, University Health and Environment Committee chairperson, discussed the case with the committee members followed by an inspection at Giddy’s main store in from of PCU-USESM. However, the committee had only inspected the storage room and not the kitchen since they don’t have an inspection permit during that time. Was the action taken by the health committee enough to determine the sanction that must be served to the store? Should the committee secure an inspection permit and conduct another inspection? Dr. Oscar Suarez, PCU President, already warned Giddy’s before. Now that it happened again, what action will be taken? The administration had again warned Giddy’s to observe cleanliness. That’s it? The roach incident happened before. Is a second warning reasonable after the incident recurred? Should we wait for a case of food poisoning before the administration gets alarmed to finally lay down the deserved sanction?

The aforesaid issues are just a portion of many matters around the University that are yet to be addressed. There are more things that should be prioritized aside from politics. We are in a university and the welfare of the students should be the foremost concern – what is best for the students and for their education and not any other political or personal issues.


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