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Suarez claims no change in the diploma

Blue and Silver March 2007

Suarez claims no change in the diploma

“Wala nang babaguhin.”

This was the statement of Dr. Oscar Suarez, University President, pertaining to the diploma issue raised during the luncheon fellowship last September 12, 2006 at the Executive Lounge.

Arra Kamil Rubio, University Student Government president, agreed to the President’s statement regarding the issue of not indicating the title of the major in the diploma. “Wala talagang nakalagay na major. Kasi sisikip na at di na readable (The major is really not indicated. It will only make the diploma crowded and not readable).”

According to Suarez, the diploma only certifies that you are a graduate but the details are stated in the transcript. “You don’t need to put the major because what is only necessary in the diploma is the general focus.”

Dr. Greg Melchor de Lara, acting Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA), expressed his view regarding the issue. “It is correct that the major should be included in the diploma pero sa transcript naka-indicate na yun. Ganyan talaga ang format ng PCU diploma (It is correct that the major should be included in the diploma, but it is already indicated in the transcript. That was really the format of PCU diploma).”

Furthermore the VPAA iterated that the degree’s major should be specified in the diploma. “Tama naman na nakalagay yun (the major). Kaya ilalagay na namin sa diploma ang mga major ng mga graduates ngayong taon (It is proper to put the major. That is why we are going to place it in the diploma of the graduates this year).”

To address the issue, the President had already convened a meeting with the department deans where they tackled the students’ clamor regarding the diploma modification. “Kinausap ko ang mga (I talked to the) deans of different colleges to know their feelings regarding the issue.”

The President further explained that the major does not have to be reflected in the diploma. “Kapag nag-apply ka (When you apply), it is not your diploma but your transcript… for example, you are a nursing graduate there is no need to put your major because the nursing profession regardless of the particular focus. A college diploma is a general study.”

The President assured that the University opted to use its former diploma format.

– Jo Anne Canlas, Maanne Lopez


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