Maanne Ilagan Lopez

On “Whatever happened to ‘Hello, Garci’?”

Lopez, Maanne I.

Editorial and Opinion Writing

Why I read this column

March 4, 2008

There’s the Rub by Conrado de Quiros (Feb. 27)

Whatever happened to ‘Hello, Garci’?

If my memory is correct, months ago I think Conrado de Quiros wrote a column about the Hello Garci scandal featuring the controversial wire-tapped conversation of the President and Garci. This enticed me to read another of his opinion on the issue. ‘Whatever happened to ‘Hello Garci’?’ The title itself made me think; yeah, what happened? This issue had been covered by other issues been focused on the radio and television. The limelight was shifted to issues regarding the NBN-ZTE deal, the ABS-CBN–GMA AGB controversy and lately, the Jun Lozada testimonies. Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo seats calmly at her throne not bothered; and is confident enough that she will not we ousted from Malacañang. Despite the all the massive actions calling her resignation, why would she not worry about being thrown out?

De Quiros’ column gave me the answer, that is because she knows no law. She is the law. The columnist refuted the statements of Arroyo, which is evidently opposite to her actions. Now, how will the people succeed in their battle against this ruler? The witness has appeared and the mass has united, as well as the Church, probably what they’re still lacking is to look back to where it all started, the ‘Hello Garci’. How can we remove a president who was never been elected? And why is she holding the seat if she is not the ‘real’ president? The answer for this is to prove that Arroyo never won in the elections. If proven, she should without question step down to where she is standing. I am also ashamed with myself because I was among those people who are only waiting the end of her term. News also said that the Arroyo plans to lengthen her term. If she succeeds, that would be menace. We should let not a false ruler to rule.


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