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On “Letter from Jun Lozada”

Lopez, Maanne I.

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Why I read this column

March 4, 2008

Human Face by Ma. Ceres P. Doyo (Feb. 28)

Letter from Jun Lozada

A ‘Letter from Jun Lozada,’ who would not read this one? It’s a letter from the controversial witness, Jun Lozada, himself. I find it interesting and well, sounded like a must-read. Although I have not read the column of Ma. Ceres P. Doyo last Feb. 21, the fact that Jun Lozada wrote the columnist, that’s already something. Moving on, this column wasn’t that hard-hitting as the one I read yesterday of de Quiros’. Doyo cited the situation we had here during the 22nd anniversary of the People Power Revolution, the killing of journalists and India’s second war for independence. She mentioned that the Filipino citizens’ focus is divided with their groups’ respective issues, the reason why the Philippines haven’t won its battle against its own ruler. Doyo said that the problem with us “is that we run the risk of losing life and limb when we so much as point to the rot, say, in the barangay level, or complain about petty (?) misappropriations, commissions and collections in the so-called “permissible zone.” The referral to India’s history was to suggest Filipinos on what the citizens should do. They should have to be empowered and organized to ask. Like what Roy and the movement did, Filipinos should “translate their energy and rage on the streets into painstaking examination of government records and contracts.” It’s the right of the citizen to information. Should there be a need for a Right to Information Act to be passed in the Philippine Congress? There is an existing law that the public has the right to government records for they are considered as public records too. There are ways where lives need not to be risked. Or even if a life will be at risk, let us be sure it is for the betterment of the majority, or for a bigger issue concerning the country.


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