Maanne Ilagan Lopez

Not a chance

June 14, 2009

He liked me but he never said
I think he liked me but I never asked
He should have told me
I should have given him a chance
Now I know and it’s time for goodbye
He’s too late, our time had passed
I won’t tell him what could’ve been
That way, things would be better
I’m happy with my life
And I hope he’s happy too
So all I can is goodbye
It’s not farewell
I’ll make sure we’ll not meet again
I declare the end, my last goodbye


One Response to “Not a chance”

  1. A shadow in the darkness
    Always behind you
    He’s always by your side but
    You don’t have a clue
    Everyday he’ll call your name
    Hoping you’ll turn around and stay
    But you just walk right through him
    Knowing he love you
    Invisible and silent
    To you
    In someone else’s hands
    What could he do?
    He sits in loneliness
    You’ve torn his happiness
    And you freely walked away not knowing what you did
    And even in the darkness
    There is light
    With one look in your eyes
    Every wrong becomes right
    Forever in my heart
    Forever in my mind
    You have always held the pieces from the very start


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