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MJCN celebrates its 100th Year

MJCN celebrates its 100th Year

“A Century of Nursing through God’s Faithfulness – Academic Excellence, Caring and Nurturing Ministry, and Mission”

This was the theme of the 100 years celebration of the Philippine Christian University-Mary Johnston College of Nursing (PCU-MJCN) last February 10-17 at the MJCN, Mary Johnston Hospital (MJH), St. Paul United Methodist Church (UMC), Manila Hotel, Villa Escudero, Luneta Park, and the Renaissance Hotel.

Prof. Edna Imperial, College of Nursing and Allied Health (CNAH) dean, consider MJCN as one of the competitive colleges of nursing in the Philippines. “Reaching 100 years of existence is enough testimony to prove that MJCN is one of the best colleges of nursing in the land,” the dean claimed.

The MJCN is an integral part of the PCU. It functions within its vision and mission in providing education to the students. It believes that a man is a unique being with dignity and worth, created by God – his center; health is a basic human right and a responsibility of both the individual and the state; nursing is a dynamic discipline, which is an art, and a science of caring for individuals, families, and communities geared towards promotion and restoration of health, prevention of and recovery from illness, and support and comfort when death is inevitable; and the student is a person with distinct capabilities and level of maturity.

According to Imperial the participation of alumni in the celebration affirmed their love for their Alma matter. “As dean, I was so overwhelmed on the big turnout of the alumni who registered. It once again proved how blessed the MJCN graduates are. I believed that their presence in this celebration affirms their love for the Alma matter. I witnessed and felt God’s hand moving before, during and after the celebration,” she said.

Week Long Celebration

A Centennial Open House for students opened the first day of the week long celebration held at St. Paul UMC with Rev. Homer Refuerzo, Central UMC associate pastor, as the speaker. Faculty, students and their families attended this service.

On the second day, the alumni, faculty and staff, and the students planted 15 trees at the Quezon City Parks and Wild Life. Guest speaker Bishop Daniel Arrichea, PCU–Board of Trustees (BOT) member, led the tree planting ceremony. Each tree represented the following: PCU, MJCN, MJH, MJCN–Alumni Association (MJCNAA), MJCNAA United States of America (USA) Foundation, and the rest for the different chapters of the Alumni Association in the USA and Canada.

The MJCN choir highlighted the MJCN-Student Body Organization (SBO) Welcome Night Presentation held at the MJCN Garden on the third day.

As recognition to the centennial awardees, a Gala Dinner and Awards Night happened on the fourth day at the Centennial Hall, Manila Hotel. Among the awards given were: the Hall of Fame Award, Librada Javalera Centennial Achievement Award, Magic Award of Distinction, Faculty Award, Staff Award, and the Heritage Award.

Furthermore, Dean Emeritus Erlinda Punongbayan, Historical Committee head, launched the MJCN Coffee Table Book entitled “A Century of Nursing through God’s Faithfulness.” The MJCN also presented the Centennial Hymn for MJCN based on Joy Nilo’s composition.

On the fifth day, Ms Felipa Javalera, one of the centennial awardees; Dr. Oscar Suarez, University President; and Lito Atienza, Manila mayor, joined in the Wreath Laying Ceremony for Dr. Jose Rizal at the Luneta Park. Moreover, a Valentine Dinner Concert dubbed “A Century of Love” was also held at Renaissance Hotel.

The MJCN Family Fellowship and Bonding in participation of the co-alumni, family, and friends happened at Villa Escudero on the sixth day.

Lastly, on the seventh day of the celebration, doctors and nurses (MJCN alumni) from the USA, faculty, and the students conducted a medical, dental, and optical mission, with feeding program, held at Morga Street, Tondo Manila.

In line with the celebration, Imperial presented the MJCN Development Plan entitled “MJCN 2020”.

– Junessa Meiji Bañal, Maanne Lopez


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