Maanne Ilagan Lopez


Blue and Silver January-February 2007

I thought I’m moving on
I thought I’ve let go
But now I find myself holding on
Oh why do I still love you so?
Though you’ve taken me for granted
Though you’ve neglected my trust
Still my heart needs you badly
Seems like loving you is a must
You’ve cheated and lied to me
And I can’t believe it’s true
You proved to me that I’m nothing
Nothing at all without you
Now I am left here all alone
Reaching or shattered dreams
Hoping for broken promises
Still believing though they’ll never come true
You said I was too perfect for you
Yet showed me I’m not good enough
You should have killed me instead
Than let me see you in another’s arms
You’ll never cry how hard I cry
It hurts so much that I want to die
I hate you Michelle I really do
But my heart only beats for you


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