Maanne Ilagan Lopez

Journalism Internship: LOG 3

Maanne Ilagan Lopez


Log 3

Oct 3 to 11

This is very opposite… Sigh…

Last summer I enjoyed and learned a lot in my broadcast internship since I was able to work on both TV network and radio station. But now, I’m not satisfied with my journalism internship, considering that I am more interested with it. I learned, but not as I expected it to be. I have lots of dilemma. And again, I’m frustrated, as well as disappointed. This is not the type of internship I wanted to experience. There are two groups of journalists in my beat, the “Spots” or those who stay in the office and rely to spot reports and the “Envelopes” or those who cover press conferences and get press releases for rewards. So where am I to go? To the lazy boys or the filthy boys? Even my senior reporter allowed me to cover any offices in Manila I can’t go there alone, I tried and they did not entertain me well. I have to go with the other reporters who only sit and watch TV most of the time in the media office. Another thing, all the other offices in Manila have a reporter assigned. I did not anymore cover another Daily Tribune’s reporter beat which is not under my senior reporter, because I was reminded that it’s not ethical. Two is the average number of news that I pass each time. Sometimes I pass three and even four. Unfortunately for me, police stories are not priority in Daily Tribune. All they want is politics. I’m frustrated. When will I ever publish my second article?

Sadly, I finished my 120 hours with only one article published. After my traumatic-bribery experience I did not stay long anymore in the media office because I don’t want to adapt their disheartening habits. Recalling things make me want to pout and sigh. My classmates seem enjoying their internship, but why am I disappointed?

Now that I’m through with my 120 hours, to whom will I give my evaluation form? None of them had really supervised me, us. I’ve worked with the proofreaders, with the layout artists and with my senior reporter, who only introduced me to those MPD-based journalists. As far as I know, the Tribune’s editor in chief will be the one to evaluate us, but how? She was not able to supervise us, what will she put there? Considering that 50% of my grade will come from the supervisor’s evaluation.

I’m not satisfied with my whole internship. I really am not. If I have not spent more than half of my internship hours proofreading then I’ve written more news, and maybe published more too. I and Grace have relayed the matter earlier while we were still doing the desk works, but articles and the dummies we edited won’t be graded. We’ve spent an average of five hours proofreading and inserting corrections. We’ve patiently waited for 60 hours to pass before we were able to explore the field, and this is what I’m dying for in my Log 1. This is not what I expected it to be.


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