Maanne Ilagan Lopez

Journalism Internship: LOG 1

Maanne Ilagan Lopez


Log 1

Aug 29 to Sept 13

It is said that when a person finds difficulties that hinder him from attaining or satisfying goals, satisfying desires, he is most likely to experience frustration. That’s exactly what’s happening to me, I confess. I’ve been unsighted by my dream to have my internship at Philippine Daily Inquirer, I mean, who wouldn’t want to have OJT there? I just don’t want to settle for anything less. That’s pride I guess. Since I’m the editor in chief of the university publication, most if not all expects me to be at PDI or Philippine Star, and so is myself. I kept pushing until weeks passed and still they don’t have a slot for me and my other two classmates. Take note, all the others have started their OJT in broadsheets. That fact had drastically heightened my frustration. It was not until Kuya Dave counseled me that I don’t have to be at the best publication to be the best. All I have to do is so my best wherever I may be. Thanks to Kuya Dave, he came just when I badly needed someone to awake me. But still I am frustrated and pressured, although I don’t let others to notice that. I didn’t lose hope I don’t want to disappoint others and myself furthermore. Right away, I contacted all the other broadsheets and was so relieved to hear that the Daily Tribune and the Business World are open to OJTs. I chose the Daily Tribune since it is more accessible for me compared to Business World which is located in Quezon City.

Rules are rules and we have to follow it whether we like it or not. Unlike my classmates who started their beats immediately, I and Grace had to be proofreaders for a week or two. According to the Daily Tribune’s publisher and editor in chief, Ms Ninez Cacho-Olivares, we have to master their style before we can write for them. That was all right for me, but the senior proofreader reproached me to check if the article follows the style sheet and not to mind whether the layout is wrong; misleading facts; and the poor construction of the article. I asked why, but he told me that it’s not our job anymore and it’s the writer’s privilege (to be wrong?). My duty starts at 3 p.m. up to 6 p.m. every Tuesdays and Fridays, and up to 10 p.m. on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. On my second day while we were waiting for proofreading materials, I tried to proofread the current issue and had found a lot of errors. And my goodness, the banner story had a cut. There was a paragraph that is incomplete. I showed it to the senior proofreader and he was surprised. I also notice that they lack reporters, since they publish many PNA and AFP news. Another thing that annoys me is that they had a habit of tolerating run-on sentences. It was not until Grace told me that our other senior proofreader said that her partner disliked us at first because of me, because I massacred their layout. I guess, I was so aggressive then, but now we’re getting along with our senior proofreaders. Since we are well familiar with the style already, they just scan our work.

Now that I completed more than 40 hours, I am again frustrated. My hands are itchy to go to the field and publish an article. I still can’t because we were just told that half of our required hours should be spent in the office and the other half on coverage. Sigh. I just can’t wait.


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