Maanne Ilagan Lopez

Journalism Internship: FINAL LOG “Without fear or favor”

Maanne Ilagan Lopez


Beat: Manila (MPD)

First Semester, AY 2008-2009

Final Log

“Without fear or favor”

“Journalism without fear or favor is what a free and independent press is all about.” The primary role of a journalist is to deliver the news to the public. And I as a journalist should set my personal issues aside and be straight in reporting. No matter how bad the day seemed to me, it doesn’t really matter. Again, a journalist’s concern is to deliver the news straight to the public. And for that, I would recommend that future Philippine Christian University interns have their Journalism Internship at the Daily Tribune. The publication strictly abides by their rules to let the interns undergo the editorial process to be trained properly – half of the required hours to be on proofreading and the other half on the field. I learned the basics up to the little complicated ones: proofreading, editing the layout, news coverage, news writing, adjusting with different working attitudes, etc. I learned a lot and experienced a lot as well – both desirable and undesirable. Well, that’s life. Things never really happen the way you expected them to be. Although I was frustrated almost all through out my intern period, it opened my eyes to the real world of journalism. It’s not as simple as a student-instructor discussion in classrooms or how we conduct things in the University publication. But what made me proud was that I have applied what was taught to me, to us. I was bribed, and they pushed me to accept it though I refused a hundred times. Equipped with the Journalists Code of Ethics I managed to still do the right thing – donated it to a charity – this making my instructor, the publication Editorial Board and Staff, my classmates, friends, family and myself proud. People may think that I took my internship lightly since I am the editor in chief if the university publication. But to tell you, it’s not easy – to cover the beat, to interview your sources, to write the news under extreme deadline pressure, to follow the style of the publication you’re working and everything else are all challenging (I don’t like to use the word difficult). It’s not enough that you have the journalism skills; it’s not enough that you know the ethics; the challenge of being a credible journalist is if you can stand up “without fear or favor” in upholding the truth.


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