Maanne Ilagan Lopez

Date for less

Blue and Silver January-February 2007

Date for less

What if your partner asked you out all of a sudden? Of course, it’s very embarrassing to say that you’re broke. But let’s face the fact that you’ve spent all your savings in your last Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s dates. Now, where in the world would you get the money for a date on the spot?

Wait a minute! Why are you so paranoid about the money, when you can have a date absolutely for free? Yeah! You got me right! You can still have a great date (or even better than your dream date) without hammering your beloved piggy bank. Money can’t buy you love. Even if you’re not a rich kid, you still have your romantic options. Get that lovin’ feeling by following our pocket-friendly tips ad checking out these priceless date flicks heading your way. So what are you waiting for? Let the dating adventure begin!

Level 1: Exploring the wild park adventure

First stop: Reach for the sky

Have a kite fest! Create your own personalized kite and let it fly as high as it can. Exercise your imagination. Watch the clouds and spell out the formations you can see.

Second stop: Extreme outdoors

Al fresco is a good spot for a wild ride. Go biking, skating, play basketball, volleyball, badminton or any outdoor games. These activities will surely get you closer to each other.

Third stop: Boosting on the picnic grove

Pick a cozy spot! It may be under a tree or near the lake. Spread out your blanket and grab that picnic basket. Load up your tummies with your packed delicacies.

Fourth stop: Outdoor musical

Take hold of your guitar and sing-a-long your favorite songs. Nature sound tripping is definitely fun. This is also your chance to sing your songs all by yourself and dedicate it to your date.

Fifth stop: Snapshot time, baby!

Walk around and go sight-seeing. Don’t fail to remember to bring a videocam or a digicam. Be sure to capture every moment and every place you’ve been to. You will certainly treasure these memories and will surely want to make a documentary of your date adventure.

Level 2: There’s no place like home-sweet-home

Sixth stop: Hundred-dash-movie-marathon

Turn off the lights and go get those chocolates and chips from the cupboard. Fall more deeply in love as you watch your favorite romantic movies.

Seventh stop: Extreme indoors

Dog out your reserved treasure chest filled with your most cherished toys. Connect all your game boards and get ready to play. You may also want to try a truth dare dame.

Eight stop: Candlelit dinner

The easiest way to get someone’s heart is through his stomach. Capture your date’s appetite and you’ll indeed capture his heart with your specialty. Don’t forget the flower, it’s a must! Try blindfolding your partner and make him/her guess the food you’ve prepared. Open up or tell jokes. This is your moment to speak your emotions. The candle lights will tote up to a romantic ambiance.

Ninth stop: King and queen of hearts

“We’re the king and queen of hearts, hold me when the music starts. All my dreams come true, when I dance with you.” They say a good dancer is a good lover, so play the sweetest love songs and dance your whole night through.

Tenth stop: Starry-starry night

“Star light, tar bright, t first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.” Share your dreams and create new ones. Also try to look for constellations with your telescope or binoculars.

Great things come when you list expect it. So don’t wait for your partner to ask you out. Hence, surprise him/her with a date on the spot.

Try this date adventure and I guarantee you with 100% of bonding, 1,000,000 pogi/ganda points, tons of fun, a bunch of love and 0 Php of expense! You don’t think it’s over, do you? Well I’m telling you, there’s ore! Try this date and be ready to plan anther one right ahead! Get ready for the next level ‘coz there will be a part two and more of your date adventures.

True love will always find a way, even if you’re the most poverty-stricken person in this third world country. Just like what J. Lo said, “Love don’t cost a thing.” Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter whether you maybe I the most awkward or cheapest place, what makes it special is the fact that you’re with your special someone.


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