Maanne Ilagan Lopez

Admin reveals PCU lib’s predicament

Blue and Silver March 2007

Admin reveals PCU lib’s predicament

“Nafi-feel ko ngayon na walang magandang accomplishment ang library.”

This was the statement of Ms Laila Labarda, Reference Section librarian, in relation to the dilemmas that the Philippine Christian University (PCU) libraries are currently facing.

According to Prof. Viola Gacutan, acting Library Services director, she is not aware of the library problems. “I didn’t know anything about it. I’ll check on it.”

Labarda said that they need a library director. “One factor kaya kami ganito ay wala kaming library director to administer and manage the library (One factor why we’re like this is because we don’t have a library director to administer and manage the library).”

To be a qualified library director, one must be a graduate of library science, a board passer, and a member of either United Methodist Church (UMC) or United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP).

The subscription of journals and magazines is one of the major concerns of the University Library. “Supposedly, ang renewal ng subscription was last semester pa. Medyo nagkaroon ng problems tungkol sa budget at umonti ang periodicals (Supposedly, the renewal of the subscription was last semester. However, we had budget problems and a decline in periodicals).”

The Law Library shared the same concern about the subscriptions. “Kailangan tuluy-tuloy ang subscriptions ng journals and magazines dahil iyon ang mostly ginagamit ng mga estudyante (The subscription of the magazines and journals should be continuous, because the students use them regularly), said Ms Anacleta Guadeña, Law Library librarian.

Moreover, the Reference librarian said that this academic year, her section only received two new books. ”Dati nakakailan ako (books)… Ang sabi ng Acquisition namin, wala daw budget (Before we receive many books… Accordng to the Acquisition, there was no budget),” Labarda uttered.

Dapat kung may library director kami, siya ang gagawa ng budget at mag-allocate niyang lahat para ma-distribute (Supposedly if we have a library director, he’ll be the one to make the budget and allocate it for distribution).”

In the miscellaneous fee of the students, P710 goes to the library.

Gacutan, when asked about the budget alloted for the library, said that it should be the treasurer who should be interviewed.

On the other hand, the renovation of the University Library brought both good and bad effects to the library. Previously, the administration built a fire exit and a hallway along the third floor of the Academic Building.

Kailangan ng fire exit kasi pag nagka-emergency, alangang umikot pa (We need a fire exit in case of emergency),” said Ms Jesie Solidum, Graduate School Library librarian.

Tska pinag-aralan yun ng mga engineers natin (And besides, the engineers studied about it).”

On the contrary, the renovation decreased the space occupied by the library.

Labarda stressed that the library is supposed to be a place for conducive learning. “Eh umingay na ngayon kasi naging passage way (Now it’s noisy because it became a passage way).”

Another problem that the University Library, Graduate School Library, and the Law Library are facing is the lack of Student Assistants (SA).

In the interview, the Law Librarian said the insufficiency of SA caused the librarians to do all the work. “Wala akong SA na tutulong sa trabaho dito. Ang hirap maging one-man librarian. Kapag kailangan kong lumabas at gawin yung mga transactions sa labas, hindi ko magawa. Wala kasing magbabantay dito (There’s no SA that would help in the library. It’s hard to be a one-man librarian. I can’t settle my transactions outside because nobody will look after the library).”

Guadaña said that since 2000, water drifts from the window of the Law Library. “Matagal nang problema iyang drifting of water sa may window (The drifting of water from the window has been a problem for a long time).”

Past and present administration sought solutions, but the problem is still not answered. “Marami na akong ininvite from the past and present administration para makita iyan at masolusyonan… May ginawa dati kaso temporary lang (I had invited past and present administration to see and act upon the problem…However, their action was temporary).”

Meanwhile, Solidum would like to call the attention of the security guards. “Researchers from other schools come to us without referral letters… Dapat sa gate pa lang titingnan na kung may referral letter sila (Their referral letters should be checked before they enter the gate),” she said.

The Graduate School Library request for additional computers for the masteral students. “Pag Saturday kasi sarado yung Internet Library. Pumipila pa sila dito sa isang computer o kaya nagrerent sila (the Internet Library is closed during Saturdays. The masteral students have to wait for their turn to use this one computer, or they just rent).”

– Ma. Luz Ungab, Maanne Lopez


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