Maanne Ilagan Lopez

Admin goes multitasking

Blue and Silver June-July 2007

Admin goes multitasking

The Philippine Christian University employs multitasking to allow “gifted” administrators to practice their gifts, according to Dr. Oscar Suarez, University President.

“Our (the University’s) no.1 consideration is that our administrators do only have one talent, they are multitalented therefore they are capable of multitasking.”

The President furthered that it (multitasking) is advantageous financially to PCU and also helps administrators to develop their skills in other areas.

The University avoids hiring new employees due to budget considerations. “Pag nag-hire tayo from outside, panibagong papaswelduhin na naman (If we hire another employee from the outside, we have to pay them),” Suarez explained.

“That (multitasking) is one way para makatipid and University (That’s one way to minimize the expenses of the University).”

Administrators receive one honorarium regardless to the number of positions they are holding.

Keen Administrators

After Prof. Beatriz Almero took office as the acting External Affairs Office (EAO) director last December, the President appointed her as the head of the Department of English and Mass Communications (DEMC).

“It took me a month to think and re-think. My gut feel is that I have to give back what the department has given me, because who I am today is what that department molded me to be,” the acting EAO director iterated.

Almero belonged to the College of Arts Sciences and Social Work (CASSW) before the administration appointed her as Student Services Office officer-in-charge (SSO-OIC), as Office of Student Affairs coordinator, and now as acting EAO director.

According to Almero, the appointment of administrators is the prerogative of the administration. “The prerogative of the administration shall prevail, nobody can question that.”

On the other hand, the President also appointed Dr. Ma. Belen Pascual, acting CASSW dean, as the acting Social Work (SW) department head since Prof. Eula Dublin finished her term. “That would be the best arrangement at this time,” said Pascual.

The CASSW dean said that administrators do not only need to be qualified to hold a position. “You have to consider leadership skills also. Qualified ka nga, magaling ka nga, di ka naman committed… Yung commitment to the school is very important (Although you’re qualified, although you’re good, but you’re not committed… Commitment to the school is very important).”

Furthermore, Engr. Mardonio Agustin is now the acting College of Computer Sciences (CCS) dean. “He is about to finish his doctorate in Information Technology.”

After being appointed as CCS dean since 2000, Pascual let go of the position. “I started in the CASSW. I have always been with the CASSW through and through, na-appoint lang ako sa CCS (I was just appointed at the CCS).”

Moreover, Suarez said that Ms Ma. Louisa Valera took office as the acting Center for Research Instruction and Materials (CRIM) director in replacement of Dr. Greg Melchor de Lara, acting Vice President for Academic Affairs. “She is supervised, of course, by VPAA.”

The administration had also appointed Dr. Elena Fonacier as the new acting College of Education and Allied Programs (CEdAP) dean, which de Lara handled previously. “She already has her doctorate. Titignan na lang natin kung kaya niya mag-manage (We’ll just see if she can manage).”

Still waiting

The Board of Trustees (BOT) has not yet confirmed the appointed administrators since last academic year. “Until the BOT meets, they will remain in acting positions,” the President uttered.

The BOT was supposed to have their meeting last October and March however, they are still waiting for the two churches (United Methodist Church [UMC] and United Church of Christ in the Philippines [UCCP]) to have their discussion.

Kung ano kasi ang mapag-uusapan nila, iyon ang dadalhin sa Board meeting (The topics that they [UMC and UCCP] will discuss, will be conveyed at the Board meeting).”

The BOT have their regular meeting every six months however, it was postponed because they are waiting for the two churches to have their discussion.

The following administrators remain in the acting positions: Dr. Greg Melchor de Lara, acting Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA); Ms Eva Francisco, acting Treasury Department head; Rev. Samuel Briones, acting Student Services Office (SSO) director; Rev. Gemma Cruz, acting University chaplain; Mr. Origen Pascua, acting University registrar; Dr. Ma. Belen Pascual, acting CASSW dean; Prof. Beatriz Almero, acting External Affairs Office (EAO) director; and Rev. Enrique Ronquillo, acting Office of Student Affairs (OSA) coordinator.

Meanwhile, the following are the newly appointed administrators this academic year: Engr. Mardonio Agustin, acting College of Computer Sciences (CCS) dean; Ms Ma. Lourdes Obispo, acting College of Nursing and Allied Health (CNAH) department head; Dr. Elena Fonacier, acting College of Education and Allied Programs (CEdAP) dean; Engr. Renato Miller, acting CCS department head; Prof. Beatriz Almero, acting Department of English and Mass Communications (DEMC) head; Dr. Belen Pascual, acting SW department head; Prof. Marina Quila, Philosophy Department head; Ms Ma. Louisa Valera, acting Center for Research Instruction and Materials (CRIM) director; and Prof. Porse Salva, acting Masters in Business Administration (MBA) department head.

– Maanne Lopez


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