Maanne Ilagan Lopez

Short essay on the importance of education

Blue and Silver June-July 2008

Students enroll in colleges and universities to study – to learn. As youth, it is a cold hard fact that we tend to be rebellious, impulsive and reckless. Such stage in college life is normal. Some may even get lost to vices, temptations and yes, even to sexual promiscuities. Well, all these are part of growing up. Some may give in and some may not. It is inherent for the youth to have such an adventurous character. Nothing’s really wrong with that. Occasionally, playing along is all right but too much of it may put one’s future into uncertainty.

Often we meet classmates who are much older than the most of us. They should be respected, not only because of the age gap, but for what they’ve been through. Some may have stopped from schooling due to financial constraints; some may be because of early parenthood; and some might have been victims of their own misbehavior. Whatever may have caused the delay of their studies, everyone deserves another chance. It’s a good thing that they still want to pursue college. Although there’s no age limit in studying, it is quite awkward to have classmates much younger than you and the other way around. Moreover, what’s important is that they have come to realize the importance of college education in order to have a better life.

Think. Not everyone can have the opportunity to study in school, especially to finish college. Thus, be appreciative and prove your worth of your financer’s labors. Learn not just from the academics, but as well as the lessons in life – from your own experiences and that of the others. Nonetheless, it’s every student for his own, and in time one will be either another lesson to keep or keep away from.


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